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Microsoft SyncToy v1.4 : the smart way to copy files

Microsoft SyncToy v1.4 : the smart way to copy files

SyncToy v1.4 is available as a free download on the Microsoft Download Center. The easy to use, customizable application helps you copy, move, rename, and delete files between folders and computers.

Overview of SyncToy
SyncToy can help you synchronize, copy, backup and maintain folders of files on your com-puters. SyncToy is a PowerToy, available as a free download, built by Microsoft Corporation that helps you get all your files exactly where you want them.

What’s So Special About SyncToy?
There are many ways to copy files in a Microsoft© Windows© environment. However, SyncToy is faster, easier to configure, more transparent, and easier to repeat.

How SyncToy Gets Better
It is quite common to synchronize the same folders repeatedly.  You may periodically back up your music to an external hard drive, or perhaps you wish to get all the pictures from a desktop PC onto a laptop every time you travel.  One benefit SyncToy offers in this case is that your pre-ferences are saved from previous uses, so you can get files synced just the way you like them in only a few mouse clicks.  An even bigger benefit comes from SyncToy remembering what the folders contained after the previous sync, and using that information to select sync operations more intelligently.

How SyncToy Performs Intelligent Renames
Now that you know how files get assigned to buckets based on the current contents of the direc-tories and the snapshots, and how buckets get translated into operations based on the selected action, you may want to know how this helps SyncToy detect renames.  Using the example above, where HHOD4217.JPG has been renamed to GrandCanyon.jpg in the left directory, Syn-cToy will assign the right directory file HHOD4217.JPG to a bucket “identical file exists on left and right, but with different names, file in right folder has same name as in right snapshot.”  The long name for this bucket is indicative of how precise the bucket assignments can be when SyncToy has a snapshot to use.  If the file in the right folder still has the same name as it did the last time SyncToy ran, but the file now has a different name in the left folder, it is easy to determine that the file was renamed in the left folder.  SyncToy not only knows to perform a rename, it knows which file to rename – every file in this bucket should be renamed in the right folder.

Synchronizing Images and Files in Windows XP Using Microsoft SyncToy
White Paper   |   Published: March 2006


To download free SyncToy software, go to the following URL:


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