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Yahoo! Messenger on New Yahoo! Mail works behind firewall?

Jeremy was posted his comments on his blog pertaining to new Yahoo! Mail, click here to go to his blog.

There is no doubt that new Yahoo! Mail integrated everything into one page, and I think some of you may already know, it integrates with Yahoo! Messenger in to it as well.

1) To switch to new Yahoo! Mail, click on this “Switch to the new Yahoo! Mail


 2) After you are in new Yahoo! Mail, go to New drop down box, click “Chat” 


 3) You have 0 Online contact, click Add to add your friends 


 4) You can change your Status by the drop down menu beside your log in email address.



The new Yahoo! Mail web pages uses Adobe Flash Player and Javascript for its intergration and

animation, it is still going with HTTP (Hypertext Markup Languages) or HTTPS (Secured) in particular.

What I am trying to say is everything within the feed of Yahoo! Mail is going via TCP port 80 or 443


I have tried using Yahoo! Messenger in new Yahoo! Mail on PC behind firewall that blocking all TCP and

UDP ports accept port 80 and 443, and it works great. :)

At the same time, the Yahoo! Messenger application installed on this PC unable to connect.

Please give comments if you have tested on PC behind other types of firewall, content filtering

appliances or shaper or etc.


Monday, 24 March 2008 - Posted by | Yahoo!

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